Snacks, Lunch, and Birthday celebrations

SNACK: Your child will have a brief snack time mid-morning every day. This snack has to be packed in the front pocket of the backpack, separate from the lunch box, so that it can be easily retrieved. Snacks are to be healthy, single serving, nothing liquid, non-messy and easy for your child to open. Please pack a simple, healthy snack in the outside backpack pocket every day.

LUNCH: Your child has 2 options for lunch - you can buy lunches online for him/her or you can pack a simple lunch. Most parents pack a lunch in an insulated lunch bag with a blue ice. Lunches come in all types from leftovers to sandwiches to bits of meat and cheeses and fruits and vegetables. There is no way to warm food, so keep that in mind. Your child can take their water bottle to lunch, or you can pack a separate drink if there is room.

BIRTHDAYS: Due to an ever-increasing amount of food allergies and in a sense of fairness to all students, Archway Chandler has a new school wide policy which states that we will no longer allow birthday food or goodie bags to be brought in to celebrate birthdays. In our classroom, we will have a birthday crown, a birthday bookmark, and we will acknowledge your child with his classmates by singing Happy Birthday. If you would like to donate a new or gently used book to our classroom library in your child's honor, it would be appreciated.