Monthly Cleaning Supply Schedule

At the beginning of every month, three families will have the opportunity to help our classroom by bringing in cleaning supplies for that month only. It is easier for us to store the smaller quantity, rather than have it all come in August.
The list will vary by need, but in general, we are asking that the assigned families bring in:

*1 large roll of paper towels

*1 large box of Kleenex

*3 large containers of Lysol/Clorox Disinfectant wipes
(There will probably be substitutions if something else is needed -
like napkins, paper plates, baggies, Magic Erasers, hand sanitizer, etc. and we have too many of something else. I will email you at the end of the month as to what exactly to bring in.) Hopefully this will help keep our room well stocked and we will not have to ask for extra supplies. Please mark your calendar! It's just one month of the year.
Thank you for your support.

Here are the monthly assignments for each family.


August -Moss, Iker, (Axel) Williams

September - Ndiour, Krohn, Glaze

October - Bettencourt, Cossio Henriquez, (Ziya) Williams

November - DeLong, Fernandez Ortega, Sukhu
December - St. John, Bash

January - Arora, Zajdzinski, Wagner

February - Stafford, Pease, Fisher

March - Griffiths, Harrison, Lundmark
April - Whalen, Teske, Canova

May - Madron, Alongi