Great Hearted Student


Starting the week of August 22 and continuing throughout the school year, students will have a opportunity to be "Great Hearted Student" of the week. This student will enjoy being the line leader, paper passer, office runner, supply gatherer, etc. that week and he/she will also share a poster on Monday (I will give you the poster, heart paper and more information at the beginning of every month.) about him/herself, demonstrating how he/she is a Great Hearted person. This poster is not the typical "all about me", it is more about serving others, so it would be great if your family planned to do a special (simple) family project (Feed My Starving Children, chores around the house, cards for Veteran's, etc.) that shows compassion, helping, serving, sharing. As your child is doing this type of serving, take pictures of your child and fill out the heart paper I will give you, and make it into the poster . Your child can also read (or bring in) a story about a Great Hearted person on Wednesday and talk about someone they know who has demonstrated the qualities of a Great Hearted person on Friday.

Below is the schedule which shows the week that your child will be the "Great Hearted Student". We will have to be flexible if your child is sick that week, but as you can see, rescheduling will be difficult.

Please be prepared with your child's poster on the Monday morning of that week.

Margaret          August 22

Timothy              August 29

Ziya                     September 6

David                  September 12

Lydia                  September 19

Aarin                  September 26

Alice                   October 3

Colin                   October 24

Adelyn               October 31

Jett                    November 7

Alexis                 November 14

Samuel               November 28

Vivian                 December 5

Will                      December 12

Jackie                January 9

Viraj                   January 17

Ndeye-Marie   January 23

Michael             January 30

Charlotte         February 6

Sofia                  February 13

Matthew           February 21

Axel                   February 27

Stella                 March 6

Weston              March 20

Lucas                March 27

Padraig             April 3

Emily                   April 10

Isabella              April 17

Olivia                  April 24

 Meredith          May 1