Do the following every day:

1.  Read assigned book

2.  Study sight words

3.  Write phonograms 3x each

Students may find everything they need in their book bag and yellow homework folder

In the book bag:

  • Daily reading log- Your child will bring home a book every day. Please have your child read aloud from this book 10-15 minutes to an adult who must sign off on the log. If there is no signature, I assume it has not been done. 
  • Daily sight word practice- Each student should practice at least the four sight words of the week every day. Weekly class sight words are posted on the blog homepage. Those words are the minimum. Feel free to work on more sight words. Every student should have at least 100 sight words by the end of the year. Some students are working on a different list, included in their homework folder or email.

          Every day: Read through the sight words OR practice flash cards OR Sight word BINGO
            You may print the first 100 sight words on card stock to make flash cards:
            sight word flash cards: 1-20
            sight word flash cards: 21-40
            sight word flash cards: 41-60
            sight word flash cards: 61-80
            sight word flash cards: 81-100

  • Daily Spalding Phonics practice- Practice writing the phonograms for the week on Spalding paper three times each. This week's phonograms are listed on the blog homepage.

            This video shows hand signals that help the students remember the phonograms.

           Spalding Test every Friday: write this week's phonograms one time each in mixed order 

    • 1 point for each correct phonogram
    • 1 point for each correct formation of a phonogram
    • 1 point for the correct underline of some phonograms


In the yellow folder:

  • Any communication between teacher and parent
  • List of 100 sight words-- the goal for the year!
  • List of all phonograms for the year 

Do the following as assigned: 

  • Math workbook pages - A large number of workbook pages are assigned to be completed every couple of weeks. Please keep workbook and home and work through the book a few pages each day. You do not need to turn it in. I may ask to see the completed workbook at a later date.
  • Various projects throughout the year



Any student who does not know all the letter names must practice, practice practice! They will be tested again in October. This is what is expected.