Mrs. Graham's Kindergarten Class


Now, there are 5 days left of school! 

It has been a complete joy to teach your children. We have cried, struggled, worked hard, laughed, and had a blast learning. Testing days are over for kindergarten. Thank you, parents for working so hard in getting our students ready and prepared for the tests we had these last few weeks. 

Thank you for sending in things necessary for next week's Around the World party.

Reminder: Monday is the last full day of school, Tuesday through Friday are half days, pick up is at 12:30pm.

*Also, we will no longer be switching out level books or going over sight words so, enjoy this weekend as you read your last required level book. I will encourage you to visit the Public Library often and check out many books for your child. Don't lose the custom of reading every day.

On a personal note:

I would like to inform you that it has been an honor to work alongside you in preparing our kindergartners for 1st grade. My family has been great in supporting me as I worked and managed being a wife and mom. We believe that it is best for our family for me to stay home and wait a few more years to come back to teaching. I am sad to go because I have found a wonderful work environment and the level of support parents have given me this last year is outstanding. I leave looking forward to returning. Thank you!



Can you believe there are 10 days of school left?!

Let's make these last days the best. The students have done a good job testing for the end of the school year.  Please continue to allow them to get enough rest and a good meal to be proactive in class. They have learned so much and I would like for that to be reflected on their performance.

Speaking of performance, please check Mrs. Carpenter's email to be aware of what you need to know for the Spring Concert on Wednesday, May 17th. The information is also found in the Headmaster's email.

Kingdoms News:

"We have an exciting announcement to make! On Tuesday, the 16th, we will be hosting our highly anticipated End of the Year Assembly. This event is where we will announce the Kingdom Winner, we will also be unveiling our New Guardians for the upcoming academic year of 23-24. 

We invite all our scholars to participate by wearing the Kingdom Shirt on that day. Alternatively, they can wear any shirt in their Kingdom color (please avoid pop culture references). However, we kindly request that the rest of the uniform remains unchanged. 

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude for your support throughout this year's Kingdoms program."

Cleaning Supplies

May - Madron and Alongi



Thank you so much, on behalf of Mrs. Thareja and me, for all the gifts and treats! Your generosity and kindness is evident. I am truly blessed to be this year's kindergarten teacher for this particular class. The end is near but, in the meantime, there is lots to do. Please allow your child to get enough sleep and have a hearty breakfast to be ready to take tests and demonstrate the best of their abilities. I'm so proud of how much they have learned this year. Let's help them finish strong. 

  • There is no school Friday, May 5th.
  • Because there is no school Friday and there are 10 hard spelling words, this week’s spelling test will be MONDAY May 8th.
  • Our Cumulative Spelling Test starts on May 8th. 10 words a day for 10 days.
  • Please return all school library books. The last day to return them is Wednesday, May 10th.

*We are having an Around The World party on May 25th. We will need some international supplies (can be ordered from Amazon), please check out the link if you can help:

*Mrs. King is looking for 4-6 parent volunteers to help her staple up groupings of art projects from 10-11 on Monday May 8th or Thursday May 11th  to prepare our hallways for Fine Arts Night. If you are available for that hour, please contact her directly at It would be great appreciated.

Cleaning Supplies

April - Madron and Alongi



Good afternoon,


A couple of reminders:

  • There is no school Friday, May 5th.
  • I will be testing sight words on Wednesday AND Thursday because so many students are saying so many words. Be prepared for Wednesday OR Thursday.
  • Because there is no school Friday and there are 10 hard spelling words, this week’s spelling test will be MONDAY May 8th.
  • Our Cumulative Spelling Test starts on May 8th. 10 words a day for 10 days.

We are having an Around The World party on May 25th. We will need some international supplies (can be ordered from Amazon), please check out the link if you can help:

Have a great rest of your week!


Dear Parents,

  • Please look for the Teacher Appreciation packet in the papers that were sent home in the yellow folder last week. The back pages are cut outs of hearts and lightbulbs for your child to write a thank you note to a Specials teacher (Mrs. Carpenter, Coach Hayes, Senora Walker, Mrs. King) and classroom teachers. We had a few turned in today but I would love it if the Specials Teachers were shocked by so many notes. Please take the time to have your child write these notes, cut them out and return them to school by Monday.
  • There is no May bingo!
  • No School Friday, May 5th
  • Look for the sign-up for the Around The World party in Monday's email.



Monday is the beginning of the Cumulative Phonogram test over 55 phonograms. Please say the sounds and have your kindergartner write the phonograms. 

"At various times over the next three weeks, your kindergartner will showcase his/her academic skills by taking a variety of tests in reading, sight words, phonograms, spelling and math. Please make sure he/she is well rested, well fed and hydrated. Try not to schedule appointments in the mornings or have your child miss school unnecessarily, so that he/she can get into the rhythm of school and do his/her best and not require making up tests. Remember that a little review is great but there is no need to over-study or be anxious about the results. Your child has made such great progress, celebrate that growth. Look forward to good results."

Great Hearted Student

Olivia                  April 24

 Meredith          May 1

Cleaning Supplies

April - Whalen, Teske, Canova



This week was another fun filled week with learning so many new things. The highlight of this week was learning new facts about Africa. Mr. and Mrs. Ndior were kind enough to come into our class to speak about Senegal, Africa. They spoke about the food, the culture, and details about the weather which is very similar to Arizona. The students were so excited to have them in our class. Thank you.

A BIG thank you to you, parents! Everyone took it upon themselves to help complete the 2 sets of books, Mouse Tales and Grasshopper on the Road. Thank you!!!

Important information about Spalding:

The dates are set for the remaining cumulative tests. Please focus on reviewing the 55 phonograms in written and oral form. The Cumulative Phonograms Test will begin the last week of April and first week of May. Students will be given the sound(s) and they must write the phonogram and remember to underline double letter phonograms. Practice this way at home for the next couple of weeks so that your child has the best chance to be confident on the test each day. The Cumulative Spelling test will be over 10 days, starting on May 8 through the 19th. Please have your child write dictated sentences made up from the known spelling words and by doing this, they are remembering how to spell all of their spelling words. Help them remember the markings. Here's a link to the rules for Spalding and the Jobs of silent E.

Great Hearted Student

Isabella              April 17

Olivia                  April 24

 Meredith          May 1

Cleaning Supplies

April - Whalen, Teske, Canova




We started off our week with reviewing subtractions, learning about Africa, and read together as a class for the first time. The students loved reading aloud together and had many volunteers to read aloud alone. They were excited to have their own books. Thank you for those of you who were able to contribute in collecting a set of books for our class. The links below will allow you to purchase a book if you would like to help.

Reminder No School tomorrow, Friday, April 6th.

Please consider signing up to read to our students, here's the link . 

Have a wonderful 3 day weekend!

Great Hearted Student

Emily                   April 10

Isabella              April 17

Olivia                  April 24

 Meredith          May 1

Cleaning Supplies

April - Whalen, Teske, Canova



We had a great week learning about more animals in the Rain Forest. The students are grasping the concepts of subtraction. I'm so proud of their progress. Please continue to check their homework and make sure the homework agenda is signed and complete everyday.

Today's field trip to Butterfly Wonderland was amazing. Thank you, Mrs. Alongi, Mrs. DeLong, Mrs. Glaze, Mrs. Pease, Mrs. Canova, Ms. Fisher, Mrs. Krohn, and Mrs. Stafford for chaperoning today. You did a wonderful job taking care of our kindergartners. 

Rember there is NO School on Friday, April 7th.

Enjoy your weekend.

Great Hearted Student

Padraig             April 3

Emily                   April 10

Isabella              April 17

Olivia                  April 24

 Meredith          May 1

Cleaning Supplies

March - Griffiths, Harrison, Lundmark

April - Whalen, Teske, Canova




This week we were able to pick up where we left off. The students had a blast creating creatures from the Tropical Rainforest. We will continue to learn more about this habitat and will be introduced to a new continent, Africa! Please consider signing up to read to our students, here's the link . Thank you for your faithful support. Have a great weekend!

PS: Make sure you check out our classroom blog's home page and read through the Headmaster’s Update so that you are ‘in the know’.

Some reminders:

  • Students will be reading Little Bear and Mouse Soup in Q4, almost everyone has brought these books to school. If you haven’t purchased them or brought them to school, please put them in your child’s backpack and bring them in next week.
  • Kindergarten will be going to Butterfly Wonderland on Friday March 31st. We are looking for 8 chaperones (need 3 more) to help us that day, the cost per chaperone is $8. If you were not a chaperone on the Herberger field trip, you will be allowed to sign up first. If you were a chaperone on the first trip, please wait a few days. We may need you if the slots are not filled. Everyone can join us at Tumbleweed Park for lunch, we hope to arrive around 12:30. (Note the later time!)  Link for field trip chaperones
  • Please add this to your calendar: our Spring Music Concert is Wednesday, May 17, 2023. Kindergarten call time is 4:00 in our classroom, with our concert starting at 4:30 in the CPA Gym. Black and white concert attire, dress shoes.


Great Hearted Student

Lucas                March 27

Padraig             April 3

Emily                   April 10

Cleaning Supplies

March - Griffiths, Harrison, Lundmark

Kingdoms Blurb

United Kingdoms Crest Design Competition update!

Greetings, families! We are thrilled to announce and share the Top Four crest designs from our school-wide United Kingdoms Crest Design Competition! Scholars were tasked with creating a crest design reflective of all nine Kingdoms, focusing especially on the collaborative and friendly nature of our Kingdoms program. Now, we need your help to determine the #1, TOP design! This design will be printed on shirts in the various Kingdom colors and available for purchase this Spring (with all proceeds going back to the Kingdoms program), so we want to be sure to involve families, scholars, and staff in our decision. We have created a Google Form that you can use to vote for your favorite design over this weekend. One vote per person, please. Voting will close Sunday, March 26th at 11:59 PM. We will announce the winner next Friday, March 31st during our weekly announcements. The designer of the winning crest will receive bonus points for their Kingdom to start off this quarter! Congratulations to our Top Four designers (in no particular order):

Iola K. (3rd grade)

Mia W. (4th grade)

Zora V. (5th grade)

Rielle A. (5th grade)


Thank you for your participation!


Enjoy your weekend,

The Kingdoms Team


Dear Parents,

Its hard to believe that Quarter 3 has already come and gone.  Thank you, parents, for working consistently with your child every night finishing homework, reviewing phonograms, going over sight words, and reading their assigned books. I look forward to what Quarter 4 has in store.  Have a wonderful spring break and enjoy your time with family!


Some reminders:

  • Students will be reading Little Bear and Mouse Soup in Q4, almost everyone has brought these books to school. If you haven’t purchased them or brought them to school, please put them in your child’s backpack and bring them in after the break.
  • Kindergarten will be going to Butterfly Wonderland on Friday March 31st. We are looking for 8 chaperones to help us that day, the cost per chaperone is $8. If you were not a chaperone on the Herberger field trip, you will be allowed to sign up first. If you were a chaperone on the first trip, please wait a few days. We may need you if the slots are not filled. Everyone can join us at Tumbleweed Park for lunch, we hope to arrive around 12:30. (Note the later time!)  The link will for live on Wednesday, March 22 at 7:00 pm. Link for field trip chaperones
  • Please add this to your calendar: our Spring Music Concert is Wednesday, May 17, 2023. Kindergarten call time is 4:00 in our classroom, with our concert starting at 4:30 in the CPA Gym. Black and white concert attire, dress shoes.

PS: Make sure you check out our classroom blog and read through the Headmaster’s Update so that you are ‘in the know’.

Great Hearted Student

Weston             March 20

Lucas                March 27

Padraig             April 3

Cleaning Supplies

March - Griffiths, Harrison, Lundmark




Can you believe that we are so close to finishing Quarter 3! Next Friday, March 10th is the last day of the quarter and a half day.

Thank you, parents for volunteering for Field Day this coming Wednesday, March 8th. We do plan to have a time for snacks after the students are done with their activities. Please send 2 snacks that day.

Look in the yellow folder for a QR code link to the Annual Parent Survey. It is important that every family do the survey. Your opinion makes a difference. The deadline for submitting your survey is Tuesday, March 7th at midnight. 

We look forward in celebrating Mrs. Thareja's birthday on Monday and finishing this quarter strong.

Thank you for all you do!



We had an "amazing" field trip according to my kindergartners. The bus ride was a highlight, if not the highlight. Thank you to Mrs. Henriquez, Mrs. Moss, Mrs. Lisa DeLong, Mrs. DeLong, Ms. St. John, Mrs. Whalen, Mr. Harrison, and Mrs. Pease for helping in managing your group of kinders and making sure everyone made it to the bus and to our different locations made our job easier! It was wonderful to see parents and families join us at the park. We all had a great time!

I would like to remind you to go over spelling words this weekend. The Spalding spelling test will be on Monday, February 27th.

Athletic Field Day is March 8th. Coach Hayes is still in need of volunteers to run the different obstacles like, Zeus Hoops, Hula Hoop Rock Paper Scissors, Frisbee/Overhand Throw, and Equipment Set-up. Check out the link to sign up. 

The end of 3rd quarter is March 10th, a half day.

Great Hearted Student-Axel Williams

Enjoy your weekend!



This week we practiced the virtue of friendship. The students had a great time passing out the cards they made for each other and teachers. They also enjoyed some delicious cookies (thank you, parents). Since we don't have school on Monday and a field trip on Friday, I plan to move the Spalding spelling test to Monday, February 27th to give the students extra days to study. Make sure to read the email sent this morning with detailed information on Friday's field trip.

Have a wonderful 3-day weekend!




The students enjoyed a display table with Russian artifacts, music, and learning the language. 

*Starting Monday, during school throughout February, the students will complete an Act of Kindness Bingo which will earn points for your child’s kingdom by smiling, helping, and complimenting. So exciting!


*Friendly reminder to not send cards or treats on February 14th. We have activities, games, and a special treat for each of our students. Thank you for your understanding.


*We need 4 more parent volunteers to go on our field trip on February 24th. If you are able to come please check out this link to sign up. 


*We need help with reading please check the link to sign up. Thank you.


Have a great weekend!




This week we learned more about Asia and the different countries that represent the largest continent. We learned so much about China, India, and Japan this week.  Our special speaker was Mrs. Thareja who shared some fun facts and pictures of herself in her Saree (traditional Indian attire). We look forward to having one of our parents share some facts about Russia included with a display table next week, the kids will love it!

We continue to thank parents who continuously help with reading and prep class work from home. We couldn't do it without you, Thank you! They enjoy having you and we are always thankful. If you have Raptor clearance and can come by the school anytime from 8:00-9:30 and help with prep work or reading with students, please sign up. 

*The front office is still working on our February 24th Herberger Theater field trip sign up, as soon as we know more, you will know. Keep in mind, when we get the link, the sign up will go live in a specified evening so that everyone will be home/available when it opens. (Read that as the link will not work until the appointed time. ;-) If you don't get to chaperone on this trip, you will have first dibs on the March field trip, AND everyone can join us at Tumbleweed Park for lunch, probably around 11:30. More details to come!

Great Hearted Students this month:

Charlotte         February 6

Sofia                  February 13

Matthew           February 21

Axel                   February 27


Good evening,

We went around the room counting to 100 student by student with no help, we attempted to make a cheerios necklace (the students were a little busy putting a few in their mouth and one for the necklace 😉), had a scavenger hunt looking for hearts with numbers to 100 and placed them in order, we colored some pages, and made a hat with 100 dots painted on them. Later today, I will be sending some pictures of our 100th day of school party. Thank you, parents, for donating items for this special day. A wholehearted thank you to Lauren Pease and Jennifer Krohn for leading small groups and making this day successful. Also, a special thank you to our class parents Lisa De Long and Annie Ortega for always working behind the scenes and being organized for these types of events. Thank you, ladies!

There are several reminders:

  1. Please check the rest of the blog for some important dates coming up.
  2. Parents, please make sure your child is wearing a sweater with a logo if they’d like to keep it on during class. They can wear a long sleeve shirt (school colors) under their polo shirt to not cover the school logo. Thank you for your understanding.
  3. Next Wednesday, February 1st, is Kingdoms day. Please send your castle pieces on that day only.
  4. Students are allowed to wear a solid shirt in the color of their kingdom. (No pop culture or images of any kind) They can wear the Medieval shirt they purchased a few months ago.
  5. Please check lost and found. There are several sweaters that belong to our class.

Homework- You will see a change in the Spalding Homework. The students will begin to spell two letter words underlining and numbering the phonograms they have learned.

Thank you! Have a great weekend!



*It was a good week of learning! We went over the order of planets and used a fun mnemonic: My Very Excited Mother Just Served Us Nachos. The scholars had fun pretending how the three Billy goat’s gruff walked on the bridge and wondered what we would do if we had a pet penguin.

* I wanted to let you know that every scholar has a Library cardholder agreement form inside their yellow folder for you to sign and return on Monday. The agreement states that parents will be responsible to return any books that are checked out to their child and that parents will purchase a replacement if the book is not returned/lost. We will go to the library weekly on Wednesdays. We will teach students to always return/keep their library book in their reading bag or backpack while they are reading the book, so that it is always at school. If the book is not returned on Wednesday morning, students will not be allowed to get a new book. (But IF it is always in the backpack, it will be returned on time!) Please sign and return the agreement on Monday or as soon as possible. 

*Thank you, parents, for purchasing books from the Book Fair for your child and our classroom!

*We are so thankful to see our parents volunteering to read and/or provide items necessary for our different projects.  It allows Mrs. Thareja and I to complete our obligations and help our scholars individually.  We want to serve the needs of our scholars if we continue to have parent volunteers filling in the necessary needs of our class.  Thank you for taking your time out of your busy schedule.


Hello Parents,

We had a wonderful full week of school. You did great on Wednesday, thank you for responding quickly.

  • Thank you for providing all the ingredients for our cooking project. We had fun making our rice cake polar bears.  We had fun, especially when the students ate them.
  • In FRIDAY’s yellow folder, there will be a Moon Watch homework. The Moon is out in the early morning right now. Also, on the back of that page, there is some pictures of easy to find constellations including my favorite – Orion. If you haven’t yet downloaded a Sky Watch app to your phone or iPad, please find a free one and go outside this long weekend! It is FUN to look at the night sky in January! As we talk about the planets next week, it will be good for the class to see bright Jupiter in the sky. Unforgettable! And to add to the Space discussion, online pictures from the Hubble Space telescope are very interesting to look at. Check it out!
  • No School Monday, January 16th
  • Friendly reminder, phonogram tests are every Friday at the beginning of school. I review with the students from Monday-Thursday. It is crucial that they also review them every day at home. Thank you for your help!
  • There's a separate email being sent about the Book Fair.

Enjoy your 3 day weekend. :)

Welcome Back!

I hope you all had a wonderful break. I sure did and enjoyed even the sick days with nothing to do but rest. Mrs. Thareja and I wanted to reach out and thank every single one of you that gave a gift, a card, and contributed for the class gift. We were blessed by the love shown through your gift giving. Thank you!

The half day followed by a full day was such a wonderful way to begin a new semester. The students did such a great job adjusting back into the routine of things.  Every student was well prepared to present their Arctic/Antarctic Animal Project. It was so much fun to see their models and having them answer questions from their peers about their animal. I was so proud on how well they did.  Thank you, parents, for investing your time in getting the animal models done on time and getting your children ready for their presentations. Also, I completely understand if you were not able to make it on Zoom, but it was great to see many of you that could join us.  Though we had some technical difficulties you stuck through until it was fixed and ready to go, thank you!

*Please check out the blog for more information. 

Great Hearted Student for the month of January:

Jackie                January 9

Viraj                   January 17

Ndeye-Marie   January 23

Michael             January 30



I appreciate your help and support this semester.  I can't believe Winter Break is around the corner.  But before we end Quarter 2 please remember to continue to work on homework assignments and signing or checking them complete on the Homework Agenda.  Also, the Arctic/Antarctica Animal is due Tuesday, December 13th. I will be sending an email next week to let you know when your child will be presenting and a link to Zoom in during that time in January.

I'm finishing up evaluations for this semester. I will be contacting you before the break if I need to have a parent/teacher conference with you. If you don't hear from me then there is no need for a meeting. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me. I'm so proud of everything my students have accomplished, and they couldn't have done it without your continuous support at home. Thank you, parents! 

*Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are half days for all. We wrap up the week with our holiday party!


Great Hearted Student:

Will                                December 12

Jackie                          January 9

Viraj                             January 17

Ndeye-Marie            January 23

Michael                      January 30


Hello Parents,

This week was a busy week. We had so much fun with taste testing, feeling and guessing what's in the bag, and having delicious hot chocolate.  We have been testing and hopefully be done sometime next week. Please allow rest and healthy meals this week.

Don't forget that the Winter Concert is Wednesday, December 7th at 4:30pm. The students need to be in proper attire and in my classroom by 4:10pm. Please be on time in order to have students in their order before we head to the CPA Gym.

Greetings Parents,

What a wonderful time we had at the Thanksgiving Feast. Thank you parents for making it possible. I specifically would like to thank Lisa DeLong, Annie Ortega, Loana Henriquez, Lauren Pease, Jennifer Krohn and Porter Searcy for volunteering with setting up, serving the meal, and the clean up! 

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.  I sure did! I'm so thankful for you and your support. I'm also thankful for the students that I have this year. They have grown so much and that has allowed me to grow as a person too.  Thank you, parents for making the effort at home, it is evident in your child's performance.

Reminder of the weeks ahead before our winter break:

*Get enough sleep

*Review Spalding 

*Review Sight Words


Hello Parents,

We had a good week of school. We are excited about the different events that are happening in the next few days, this means that the end the of Quarter 2 is approaching.  I wanted to let you know starting November 28th through December 12th I will be testing students in Dibels, Spalding, sight words, and Math. Please make sure the students get rest this Thanksgiving break and the days after to ensure great performance.

I can't wait to see you this Saturday at the Medieval Faire on the Football Field. The fun begins at 11:00am!

Tuesday, November 22nd, will be our Thanksgiving Feast.  Thank you for signing up to provide different things for this special occasion. Please email me if you plan to sign your child out early, so we can have them packed and ready before lunch time.

No School on Wednesday, November 23rd through Friday, November 25th.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


In anticipation of the Arctic/Antarctica unit of study in January, your kindergartner will be assigned an animal from one of these regions. This paper will go home Monday with your child's animal listed on the top. Your child will research and write an age-appropriate report (3 sentences), make a three-dimensional animal (think clay model or water bottle with fur) and he/she will present his/her report and 3D model to the class when we return from Winter Break. (Please read these instructions thoroughly.)

***We are assigning this project now, so that there is plenty of time to complete it before Winter Break. This 2-part project is due any time before Tuesday, December 13, 2022.***


Your child should begin by researching information/facts about their assigned animal.  They will need two references for their report. We are asking that your child use at least one grade level book (library book) and one article on the internet. (Wikipedia is not a scholarly source and will not be counted). We encourage you to get your child a library card and check out a book or two about their animal. (It is fun to learn about these animals!)

  • Your child will need to write 3 sentences– facts - about their animal.
  • We recommend that your child write a rough draft on another paper before writing their final sentences on the paper provided. Spalding penmanship is required.
  • Your child will need to be able to read/recite their sentences to the class and understand what they have written.
  • Your child will write on the resource page the name of their two references, (title of the book/article, and author).  


Each student will need to help create a 3-D model of their animal. Please make this animal sturdy and the size that your child can easily carry on their own. (Please remember that a poster is a 2D model and will not be accepted). We encourage lots of creativity, feel free to use feathers, felt, googly eyes, clay, or different types of texture to represent how the animal looks and feels. We would like to see your child’s creativity shine through.

  • We understand that Kindergartners will need help creating their animal but one of the questions asked during the presentation will be “How did you make this 3-D animal?”, make sure that your child does a good share of the work so they can answer honestly.


On January 5th and 6th, students will read their report and present their 3-D animal to the class. When finished, classmates will have time to ask questions and the presenter will have a chance to talk further about their animal. (Most students learn more than 3 facts about their animal, and they love to share what they have learned.) By watching these reports, our classes will have a deeper understanding of Arctic/Antarctic animals and make this unit come to life.

Closer to the end of Q2, we will offer an approximate schedule of presentation times and a Zoom Link for you to tune in and watch your child’s presentation. It might be a good idea to come on Zoom a few minutes before your child’s scheduled time, as we have no way of anticipating whether a report will run long or short.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Thank You.



Can you believe we are in November already! It has been a week of much learning and growth.  The scholars were able to learn about the Wampanoag and the Pilgrims, review their shapes, and had insight in our story of the week, "The Lion and the Mouse."  We look forward to learning more about the pilgrims and the different Native American tribes in our country. Enjoy your weekend!

Reminder: No school on Friday, November 11th.


Dear Parents,

This week was so much fun!  The students had the opportunity to learn about motion and gravity in Science, the Mayflower in History, 2D and 3D shapes in Math, and rhyming and capitalizing in Literature. We had a great time dressing up as our favorite literature character. We even had Red Riding Hood's grandmother (Mrs. Brady) come and read us a book on Classical Character Day! Shout out to all you parents that have helped in one way or another with our class needs. I encourage you to come and listen to our scholars read if you haven’t already. They enjoy reading to our parent volunteers. I want to thank Lisa DeLong and her mother Mrs. Phillips for setting up and organizing a special treat for our kiddos on Wednesday, they truly enjoyed it.  Thank you!

Check the blog and enjoy your weekend!

P.S. Please make sure to initial or check mark your child’s homework and reading log every day, return it in the yellow folder daily. I do check it and it is for a grade.


Dear Parents,

It was so great to be able to speak to each of my parents. It is amazing how much our scholars have grown. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me. This week we got to learn about Germany. We learned about its castles, it's the heart of Europe, and some German phrases. Two weeks ago, we cut open a small pumpkin and mixed dirt with the seeds.  I was able to water it over the break and the students couldn't believe how many seeds had sprouted. Our hypothesis was 100 seeds would germinate and I'm pretty sure 100 did! It was a short yet productive week.

Make sure to check your calendars to see the upcoming events at school.


*October 26th is Classical Character Day. Here's an attachment of the form that was sent home. Classical Character Day.pdf

*Please make sure costumes are not similar or inspired by the movie. 


"The mission of Archway Classical Academy Chandler is to cultivate the minds and hearts of students
through the pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty."


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